Mini Cooper talks back to you in Obnoxious Personalities

Talking Car Knight Rider

Finally, a Mini Cooper that can talk back to its driver.  Wait.  You made it sounds like what?

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If you guessed two snooty English guys, and a polite British lass, then you are bang on.  We finally get cars that can talk back and this is what they sound like?

It’s called “mission control” and it’s a special feature you can pick up for the 50th anniversary of Mini Coopers everywhere.  “Mission Control” tells the driver fuel levels, regular updates on maintenance and safety issues.  And it does it all sounding very proper indeed.

Different parts of the Car speak using different voices and they even speak with each other.  Its something you must check out (see below), but I can imagine this would get old VERY fast.

(Note to self: do NOT buy a talking Dodge Ram.  It WILL say “yeehawww”)

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