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Minecraft Gifts ideas for the obsessed kids

Minecraft Gifts ideas for the obsessed kids

If you are parent of an eight to twelve year old who happens to have access to a console and the internet, you will probably be familiar with their current obsession with Minecraft. Not content with just actually playing the game, but also watching videos by the likes of StampyLonghead for hours on end on Youtube. In order to make an attempt to actually direct your Minecraft obsessed child’s eyes away from the screen for more than 5 minutes at a time, we have come up with a selection of Minecraft gifts that might help:

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The hottest Minecraft toys for Christmas 2014 has to be Minecraft Lego with a range of playsets including a village, a cave, the Nether zone and a Lego set for the first night.  The best thing about buying Lego minecraft is that when their obsession finely dissipates, they can still make use of the lego for non-minecraft related construction.

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Minecraft Lego - This years top minecraft Christmas gift for kids

Diamond Steve - Minecraft Figure Gift Idea

Diamond Steve Minecraft Figure

A fully articulated figure kitted out in a full diamond armour set  which means he can probably take a point blank creeper explosion. He is also kitted out with a diamond sword and comes with a Diamond Ore block.

Best Price – $11.05

A Large MNinecraft Steve Toy

Large Minecraft Steve

If you have a little more to spend on a “Steve” there is a larger version available which is twice the size of the regular minecraft figure and also comes with removable helmet and sword.

Best Price – $22.67

Official Large Minecraft Creeper Toy

Large Minecraft Creeper Toy

Every decent good guy action figure will require an arch enemy, in the case of Minecraft Steve, it’s the dreaded creeper.  This officially licenced Creeper figure also stands at 15cm’s and also comes with a 5cm Diamond block

Best Price – $14.67

To go with the smaller Steve figure, a set of Minecraft animal toys including a Pig, Cow, Sheep, Chicken, Ocelot and a Wolf are available.  All the animals are articulated so they can be moved and posed into position. The sheep even has springy legs allowing them to bounce around like in the actual game, hopefully it doesn’t also glitch through the floor like in the game, putting a hole through your sitting room carpet.  This Minecraft animal bundle plus the small Steve would be our choice to maximize the potential for fun.  Best Price  – $22.99

Minecraft Animal Toy Figures

Minecraft Night Light Red Stone or Diamond Ore Blocks


The Minecraft Ore Block Night Light

Finally for the more grown up Minecraft Addicts who are slightly too old for playing with the Minecraft Action figures. A stylish Minecraft night-light available in a choice of either Red Stone Ore (red) or Diamond Ore (Blue)

The Minecraft Night Light Glowing Features:

  • Auto shut off after three minutes
  • Three levels of brightness
  • Tap to cycle through settings
  • Internal LED’s
  • Size. 8cm x 8cm x 8cm

Best Price – £22.95


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