We first came across Miito almost 12 months ago, when it was still just a concept, but now it’s finally found it’s way to Kickstarter, and we are thrilled.  Miito is simple: just a metal rod that can heat water via magnetic induction – letting you boil water in a single mug, glass, pot, or anything.  It’s the biggest update to the Kettle since electricity.

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The inspiration for Miito came when designers Nils Chudy and Jasmine Grase were discussing how wasteful kettles can be:

“My inspiration was the daily use of electric kettles…I wondered why all kettles look so similar. I quickly noticed that they not only look bad but they are also wastefully designed. The minimum fill line of the majority of kettles is at approximately 500mL. This means that if you want one cup of tea (250mL) you waste 50 percent of the hot water, which means you waste 50 percent of the energy. This adds up to be a lot.”


You can find Miito on Kickstarter now.

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