We all eye-gasmed while watching Microsoft’s on-stage HoloLens demo. But like magicians of old, there is a good deal of sleight of hand about.  The company released videos that showed of the augmented-reality vision of HoloLens, but during Microsoft’s event, the demo showed off the entire room full of holograms.  Not so fast.

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Microsoft announced Project X-Ray at its 2015 keynote,

and it should be taken more as a ‘what could be’ than what is.

Project Xray Live Demo

At a hands on of Project X-Ray at this year’s E3, serious doubts were raised about the HoloLens’ field of view. The idea is great, but how long until one tires of shooting walls.  I could see it working well in short bursts, as you wait for the doctor to see you.

Its hard — frustrating — to have such high expectations for HoloLens: the image quality, motion tracking, and spatial mapping are all amazing.  It just isn’t as good as the demos Microsoft keeps showing.  Hopefully this will change when developers get their hands on their own sets early 2016, but until then watch these goofy robot aliens attack and think, ‘soon, just not yet’.

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