Microsoft’s HoloLens Is Available to Pre-Order Now for $3,000 USD

Microsoft Hololens Development Edition PreOrder

A little over a year since its debut, Microsoft’s HoloLens is officially in production form. The tech giant announced today that interested parties can now apply for invitations to purchase the “Development Edition” of the technology — and the headsets will begin shipping as soon as March 30.

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Consumer editions of the technology may be coming sooner rather than later.

While the tech still isn’t available to consumers, the Development Edition is a major step forward and suggests that the HoloLens could see an official release sooner rather than later. “Today represents a monumental step forward. This is the first step in our journey to consumers,” said Microsoft’s own Alex Kipman, the inventor of the device and the creator of the Kinect.

Those interested in the Development Edition can apply now via while more information can be found over at the Windows blog.

For a look at the potential of the technology, check out Case Western Reserve University’s demonstration.

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