Microsoft Reportedly Working On New Internet Browser

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According to sources within Microsoft, it looks like the Richmond Virginia company is working on a new web browser. Codenamed Spartan the new browser will debut alongside Windows 10 and reportedly look like a mix of Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome. Are tabs and browser extensions finally coming to IE?

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Back in September when Microsoft unveiled it’s Windows 10 technical preview, rumours suggested that the future version of Internet Explorer would support extensions and offer a revamped interface. ZDNet and Neowin have reported that their sources have told them that there are actually two different browsers that will ship with Windows 10: IE 12 and the new spartan browser. While neither browser has yet been seen in the public technical preview keynote in september, It seems likely that both browser would have leaked images emerge soon if they are to debut with Windows 10.

Do they exist?

According to the rumours, Spartan browser will use the same Trident rendering engine and Chakra JavaScript engine as Internet Explorer current does. The difference would be on the surface, with Spartan offering a new user interface, looking like a mix between Firefox and chrome.

Rumours suggest Microsoft’s new browser will have tabs on top and offer the ability to add browser extensions.

Originally Firefox made the move to mimic the look and feel of Chrome, and now it seems Microsoft may be making a similar move.

According to Neowin,:

“Spartan looks a lot like Chrome but with Microsoft’s flat lipstick applied.”

Internet Explorer is already very flat, so it remains to be seen what visual changes could be in store. Suggestions have included dropping the address bar below the tabs.

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This Isn’t your Old Microsoft

With IE11 already being minimal and lightweight, what might the purpose of a new Spartan browser be?

One possibility is that Microsoft is actually working on re-branding its browser — a new interface and a new name that distances itself from the old and often unsecured Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer made huge changes with IE9, when Microsoft embraced Html5 and the open web. Many user still avoid IE because of previous stigma attached to its lack of security and slow speeds

We may see hints of the new browser — or browsers at Microsoft’s Windows 10 unveiling event on January 21st.

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