Microsoft preparing XBox Tablet?


Rumors have persisted for a while, but the Verge has gone ahead and reported that Microsoft is indeed building a gaming tablet. Word has it that the Xbox Surface will launch before the next Xbox console.

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According to the reports and rumours the Xbox surface is being built on a Windows kernel on ARM architecture. The assumption is that, like the surface tablet, Xbox surface will be compatible with Intel hardware.

It’s still unclear what version of Windows the gaming tablet might run, but expect it to keep along the same lines as the uniformity we’ve seen from Windows 8 across all devices.As of yet, this all remains a rumor, but if true would be unsurprising. Microsoft has branded themselves via the Surface Tablet and Windows 8, leaving Xbox – their most valuable and profitable arm – needing a slight paint job.

If Microsoft were to succeed in bringing ubiquitous windows-usage to all devices, from laptops to tablets to phones to game consoles, it would be a great coup. Both Apple and Google have fancied making an entire household run on their OS, and there is a great deal of talk amongst industry experts that the next frontier for computing will be your Television.

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