Meet ZEOD; the worlds fastest electric car


Nissan has unveiled the ZEOD.  Its a new supercar, its fast and it runs only on batteries.

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ZEOD, which stands for Zero Emissions On Demand, was built for speed thanks to its amost delta-wing like shape. It can hit 186 mph.  That makes it the world’s fastest electric car.

Nissan plans on entering next years Le Mans; the 24-hour endurance race against the fastest cars in the world.  All Cars.

“At the end of Le Mans 2014, we will have changed people’s perceptions of electric-vehicles”  said Ben Bowlby, a man who helped design the delta-wing style racecar.

We’ll have to wait for the race to see exactly what Nissan has in store, and what this could mean for Electric Vehicles, and where they’re going.

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