Meet Ikawa, The Home Coffee Roaster


These days, it’s pretty common to find a coffee shop that roasts it’s own coffee beans.  That’s fine for most people, but real coffee aficionados/addicts often go the extra step, and roast their own beans.  The Ikawa Home Roaster is a kick-starter that lets you roast your own beans like a professional.

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All you need are green coffee beans and a mobile app – available for iOS and Android – to get started.

Ikawa home roaster

Once you turn on your new Ikawa, it automatically pairs with the accompanying app, and you can start making great coffee at home.  Add two ounces of unfrosted beans to the machines compartment, and let the machine begin pre-heating.

The app lets users monitor the roasting process and temperature wherever they are.  Once the Ikawa is ready to go, just release the beans into the roaster and go.   You can follow the browning process – usually taking between three and ten minutes – entirely on the app, and when finished the roaster will go into cool down mode automatically.

The end result is a great bunch of super fresh home roaster coffee beans, ready to be ground up and turned into a great cup of coffee.

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