Looking like something fresh of the metropolitan highway of the future, Mazda was showing off this beauty at the L.A. Auto Show this week.  Called the Nagare, this concept car is named after the Japanese word for flow.  Mazda’s team of engineers and designers molded the car’s exterior contours on patters found in nature, creating a very natural-looking flow to the car – like wind crossing the desert.  Or drool dripping down the chin of onlookers.

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mazda_nagare_4 cockpit driver

While it might look natural outside, it’s more modern inside, putting the driver front and centre, with a modern, futuristic dashboard, like something out of Space X.  There’s space for three passengers, who kind of sit around the driver – Mazda called it a “passenger lounge”, and this lounge even has rear-seat LCD TVs.

mazda_nagare_4 cockpit driver

Mazda strongly implied it plans to turn the concept into reality within the new few years, and if that’s true ill save some space for it in Tony Stark’s garage.

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