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Maybe Don’t Eat Coffee Ice Cream Before Bed

Maybe Don’t Eat Coffee Ice Cream Before Bed

Coffee Ice Cream is one of life’s perfect pleasures: two of the very best, most pure things life has to offer, mashed together into one perfect little scoop.  Just, don’t eat it right before bed, okay?

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Bon Appétit went out of their way to write about how, since Coffee Ice Cream obviously has coffee, that means caffeine.  The amount of caffeine obviously varies from brand to brand, but perennial favourite Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz by Ben & Jerry will keep you up all night, with it’s crazy 45 mg of caffeine in every 1/2 cup.  Thats about on par with a regular cup of bold coffee.

There are some options out there for the night-sleepers amongst us, including Talenti, which has about the same caffeine as a cup of decaf.  No, they didn’t sponsor this post, but if they want to, I’m open.  It’s THAT good.

[How Much Caffeine Is in Coffee Ice Cream? via Bon Appetit]

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