Massive Cyberattack Slows Global Traffic


An unprecedented cyberattack has sent shockwaves across the internet today, with disruptions spreading across the globe.  If you can’t read this right now, thats why.  The internet just got hit with one of the biggest hack attacks ever.

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Spamhaus, a Swiss website charged with blocking spam and blacklisting spam websites says it has been on the receiving end of DOS attacks since the middle of March.  It claims the attacks are coming from groups that they have blacklisted.

A DOS attack (Denial-Of-Service) overwhelms a serve with traffic.  Like too many cars on a freeway, the server soon becomes too clogged to deal with the congestion.  Attacks that affected US banks last year peak at 100 billion bits per second – enough to overwhelm even large government servers.

This attack peaked at 300 billion bps, an unprecedented assault on any website.

“It is a small miracle that we’re still online”

– Vincent Hanna, Researcher with Spamhaus.

Due to the sheer size of the attack, traffic has slowed across the internet,

especially in Europe, as servers try and move the junk traffic to other places in an attempt to deal with the DOS attack.

While the attack has only slowed service providers, if the DOS attack pushed Spamhaus offline, the gap could see huge amounts of spam go out in a very short period of time.

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