This crazy design, swarming around the internet for some month was recently named the winner of the Electrolux Design Lab competition, meaning that the Mab Sphere will move beyond the idea and concept art phase and soon become a real live thing, whatever it is.

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Whenever you need a room clean, Mab Sphere starts out as a sphere-like device/robot(?) that rolls into the room you need cleaned.  It will scan to contours of the room, recognize and understand the same and determine how to clean it.  When it is ready, 908 tiny winged robots literally fly out of the main sphere, taking with them droplets of water and cleaning solution that was preloaded into the device.

As long as the main base continues to function, the cleaning device could theoretically never break down – damaged or broken mini-robots could be easily replaced with refills of new ones.

For winning the competition, 24-year old Adrian Peres Zapata was granted 5,000 Euros and a 6-month paid internship at Electrolux.

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