Luci Headband Lets You Control Your Dreams


Another Lucid dreaming device has hit the pages of Kickstarter.  Luci is a simple headband with an EEG sensor embedded inside to detect when you reach a certain stage of sleep.  The headband then alerts you via earphones or earbuds that you are dreaming.  Is such a thing just a dream?

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Its a brilliantly simple concept if it works:  The devices reads your brainwaves until it detect that you have reached a delta-state of sleep, indicating REM sleep.  It is unclear if the audio cue that you are asleep will allow you to attain lucidity during your sleep, or simply wake up a would-be light sleeper.

This is also not the first of this kind of devices.  People who have used them before report even the most accurate and sensitive headbands have trouble triggering lucidity with any sort of reliability.  Luci claims to have a near 100% success rate.  That usually means buyer beware.

luci headband lucid dreaming

However, should the device work with any level of success, Luci could be a breakthrough, and many previous crowdfunding campaigns have shown a high demand for such lucid dreaming products.

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