LG shows off 18-inch display that rolls up like a newspaper

CES 2016 18-inch Rollable OLED.0.0

LG Displays is showing off a new prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, but its nothing we haven’t seen before.  An 18-inch screen that rolls up like a piece of paper.  The prototype builds of tech we’ve seen before from LG, who have worked for some years on bendable, curved and roll-up-able displays.  LG has shown off similar demonstrations last year, but the product has never really made it beyond a prototype stage.  Could LG be ready to show off a consumer-ready version this year?


We’ve seen concepts and even working displays like this from Samsung, Sharp and even Sony in the past.  LG’s addition to the field makes it seem like more proof that these companies see these sort of displays as the future of smartphones, tablets, TVs and more.  LG’s prototype seems to point to a newspaper-style device that can roll up once finished, or using curved interior walls as displays.

The company reportedly has plans to show off a 25-inch curved screen inside of a car at the Auto Zone section of this year’s event

We’ll get a better look at the newspaper-equse display in a few days, as well as a 55-inch ‘Paper thin’ TV and the Car’s interior display.

So check back in with Ions for LG coverage and everything else CES-related throughout the week.

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