Rejects IMs so you don’t have to


Laim.Name is the equivalent of an instant messenger chat bot that lets other IMer’s know that you really really don’t want to chat right now.

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When, for example, some annoying spammy guy keeps asking for your AIM name, just give him your Laim name instead.  When Spammy McDouchalot IM’s your Laim.Name, the bot will tell him to get lost, and that he’s actually talking to a bot instead of you.

Laim.Name won’t rank very high on anyone’s civility scale, but sometimes we all gotta do, what we all gotta do to stay spam free.  Even better:  transcripts of these bot-based interactions get posted to the Laim.Name website for extra fun.

Laim name doesn’t rate very high on the Lifehacker politeness scale, but sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Transcripts of the uncomfortable interaction get posted to the site for extra adolescent fun.

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