Noise-cancelling headphones are all the rage, and pretty helpful if you need to catch some shut eye in public.  However, they usually have hardened earpieces and aren’t the most comfortable to wear when you need some solid sleep.  Kokoon, a London-based startup has designed a pair of headphones that come equipped with electroencephalography – EEG – sensors and are designed to keep you sleeping and sleeping well.

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The standout features for the Konkoon, beyond the elegant design and great comfort level are the EEG sensors that sit inside the headphones.  They monitor the activity of your brain as you drift off to sleep and then relay the data to a companion app.  Using a special algorithm, the headphones are then able to tell when you fall asleep, and then lower the volume and cancel out external noises.

kokomo headphones

These cans can even detect when you enter REM sleep, and can be programmed to play a trigger sound, letting you induce lucid dreaming.

You can find Kokoon on Kickstarter 

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