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Kinect Fusion to create 3D digital models

Kinect Fusion to create 3D digital models

Kinect for Windows will soon feature a sensor that can scan real objects and create 3D digital models out of them.

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As it has already been seen, the Kinect hasn’t really been known for the ability to scan objects into games, as has been seen by most games even though the sensor existed. The Kinect Fusion hopes to dissipate that notion by having 3D mapping of environments and objects. This means that within games, one can interact with real objects within the virtual reality.

According to Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows blog, the Kinect Fusion can average out “hundreds of thousands of frames” of 3D data to “construct a highly detailed 3-D map of objects or environments.”

The camera or sensor will no longer be a static sensor in the living room, but rather the user will hold the camera, explore the space around them and scan all of the objects and environment.

Originally the technology was shown as a concept at E3 2010, but the feature never really became apparent when the sensor was launched later in the year. In 2011, it was aid that object scanning was the future yet again within Kinect Fun Labs. Outside of the few user-created hacks and object detecting in NBA Baller Beats, object scanning fell off the list of Kinect priorities. The Kinect for Xbox 360 is by all means could be blamed  for the reason this feature wasn’t used. The limitations of the 360 could by all means be linked to a variety of shortcomings including processing speed and the ability to see all of the objects within a space.

Hopefully the possibilities that Kinect for Windows will surpass what was used for the 360 – including that horrible movie Paranormal 4 where the sensors were used primarily as an activation of plot.

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