When finished, the Khan Shatyry will be the world’s tallest Tent.  It will stand 490 feet high and house the usual parks, shops and an artificial beach.

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When the independent country of Kazakhstan  moved its capital to the city of Astana in 1998 it became clear the city – like all eastern european countries – needed an entertainment centre.

Enter the Khan Shatyry, a 140,000 square foot area complete with the usual mini-golf rounds, boating river, and cobbled streets.


The main tent is made from Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene,a strong polymer, ensuring a summer like temperature all year round.  Kazakhstan’s temperature fluctuates from -35 C in winter up to +35 in the summer.  The roof should keep the indoor mall (and water park!) at a cozy summer temperature.


Apart from the amazing Mall/Entertainment Centre/Water Park/Mini Golf/ Beach, this building is also notable for just being beautiful.

[Foster and Partners via Gizmodo]

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