Jumping ship for HTML 5 over Flash?

Challenge Accepted

HTML5 vs Adobe Flash

With news this week that Digital Playgrounds, of adult movie making studio fame, has said they will move everything from Flash to HTML5, its starting to sound like everyone is jumping ship, leaving flash for HTML 5.

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Apple famously refused to allow flash on the iPhone or iPad, causing a lot of heat for a perceived lack of choice.  Apple claimed flash caused Safari to become no responsive, which is something that I can attest to myself.  From YouTube to Facebook, flash has a tendency to freeze up and become unresponsive.  Youtube began offering a HTML5 version some time ago and further Google news reveals that Gmail is also being pushed onto HTML5.

I’d imagine they are.  With heavyweights such as Apple and Google, (with iPhone, Android, iPad, YouTube, Macbooks, and Maps amongst their exploits) leaning toward non-flash, there might be enough drive to change a lot of minds.

However, the real worry comes from Porn.  Seriously.  1/3 of the Internet is currently adult content, and if 33.3% of the ‘net goes HTML5, Adobe might be given cause to worry.–

Consider that the Adult industry is full of Early Adopters.  From HD to 3D to Interactive Digital….uh…options, Porno always keeps a ‘leg up’ on other industries, as they ‘ride out’ new technologies.

Puns aside, it seems like a lot of large companies are starting to move toward a flash-less future.  Have you made the move to an HTML5 compatible browser yet?

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