Automattic, the company behind everyone’s favourite WordPress plugin, has revamped the ubiquitous JetPack in a major update.  The new Jetpack 4.0 introduces UI improvements for better performance under-the-hood and several tweaks and new feautures.

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The 4.0 update brings major UI improvements for users.

In previous versions, the Jetpack settings page would show a button, prompting users to connect to  In 4.0, a full page explains the benefits of Jetpack, encouraging users to connect.  It also displays the development and support teams, explains what Photon is, and why the Protect module is so important.

jetpack-4.0 ui-improvements

4.0 also has a new editor view for VideoPress, letting users edit shortcode with a new modal options window.  This big moves makes is simple for users to finagle VideoPress settings in the editor.

There are a whole host of updated features for JetPack:

  • Selective Refresh for Widgets: now, widgets update instantly with live previews in the customizer
  • WooCommerce Social Integration: Social sharing icons now appear on WooCommerce single product
  • Custom Content Types: lets users customize Jetpack custom post types
  • Better Widget Visibility for Custom Post Type Archives
  • Updated Microdata for Breadcrumbs: Gives search engines a better understanding of a page’s position in the site hierarchy

Jetpack 4.0 also adds performance enhancements for the Protect module and Contact Forms.  4.0 also uses a different method of clean spam forms, making it more efficient.  There is a full list of all changes, fixes, bugs, and enhancements over at the changelog

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