Java jr: A Tiny Sized Creamer for A Full Pot of Coffee

Java jr coffee-creamer-mini-decanter
Java jr coffee-creamer-mini-decanter

You know those ubiquitous diner-style coffee pots that you see, full of warm, tasty, caffeinated goodness?  Well, this teeny tiny version is for your milk and cream.  Caffeinated cuteness.

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Java Jr is a pint size coffee cream dispenser.

java jr 1

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This tiny creamer is as ubiquitous as the diner is seems to have come from.  It is designed for home, but its perfect for the office or heck, every diner ever.

Gamego's Java JrGamego's Java Jr

It’s a scaled down version of the full-sized thing, and its $12.

Gamego's Java Jr

[Via Gamago]

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