iTunes hacked: Go check your account


During the first week of July, a number of iTunes accounts were hacked into.  Users accounts paid out between $100 and $1400 USD without the user’s knowledge.

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Investigative digging by The Next Web showed that a certain app had been purchased several times during the weekend, pushing it to the top of the app Charts.  It seemed that 40 of the top 50 apps all belonged to the same app developer, Thuat Nguyen.

The developers links are blank holding pages, and there seems to no information on this company or individual.

Reports started pouring in on Twitter, with complaints of money being spent on this app.  A lot of money.


courtesy TheNextWeb

The question remains: how was it done?  Apple might be well left with a poor rep, considering they were not the ones who even caught the theft, much less over their flagship music platform.

Gizmodo’s corresponding blog post is full of comments, with a large number saying that not only has this happened, but Apple’s Customer Service was of no use to the point of blaming the end-user.

While ‘developer’ Thuat Nguyen has had its apps pulled from the app store, this is not a new occurrence.

MacRumors points out that hacking has been pretty well recording since about 2008.  While this isn’t good news, the fact that this particular hack has gotten a good deal of publicity on blogs and the like would indicate that a fair number of people have at least heard about it, and double checked their accounts.

We here at Ions recommend checking your account (any and every account) often.  iTunes sends emails with your purchases, and while it may be time-consuming to look over them all, it might be worth while, seeing as this is not an isolated incident.

When in iTunes, navigate to the Store and click on  ‘Account’ link on the right sidebar.

iTunes account

After logging in just click the ‘Purchase History button to get a quick overview of your purchases.

iTunes History

Had any trouble with iTunes purchases or Apps?  Lets us know in the Comments below

[TheNextWeb via Gizmodo]

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