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Is This Video Show iOS 14 in the Wild?

Is This Video Show iOS 14 in the Wild?

A video has emerged online, showing what could be Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 running on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. The video, revealed exclusively on the 91mobiles blog, shows the iPhone running a whole new multitasking screen which takes after an iPad’s functionalities.

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Apple’s multitasking area and RAM management issues in iOS 11 have been cleaned up in iOS 12, but much to the dismay of a smartphone user, the roll out of iOS 13 has seen many of these problems and bugs reoccur. The alleged iOS 14 looks like it cleans up the messy multitasking aspects in this leak, with some nice new UI features like being able to flick up and put away open apps.

Other new features include a simplified multitasking area layout that displays thumbnail tiles in rows of two rather than the stacked app carousel of iOS 13. In addition, Ben Geskin, a graphic designer and Apple enthusiast, has demonstrated what he calls the “internal app switcher settings,” demonstrating how your multitasking area works.

There is no specific information as to whether the above video is absolutely legitimate, or whether this is or is not the iOS 14 UI. At WWDC 2020, we should expect an official update from Apple, as Apple is supposed to announce its new ‘budget’ iPhone.

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