After the emotional roller-coaster of Avengers Endgame, we said farewell to Ironman/Tony Stark and Robert Downey Jr. as the titular high-tech tin man after a decade (we love you 3000). But the onscreen Avenger has decided to fight a bigger threat than Thanos in real life, Climate Change.

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Downey Jr. recently spoke at an Amazon Conference, elaborating his vision of fighting Climate Change and unsurprisingly, his choice of weapon are robots.

Downey is channeling his inner Iron Man and announced that his team is utilizing artificial intelligence to save the Earth(literally).

Downey Quoted: “Between robotics and technology, we could probably clean up the planet significantly, if not entirely, within a decade,”.

His group called Footprint Coalition is all set to kick off next April.

Though no specific direction or technological announcements were made, he did unveil the, where you can sign-up for a newsletter.

The announcements were made during Amazon’s re:MARS conference in Las Vegas, where the likes of Amazon Founder & CEO, Jeff Bezos were in attendance.

While Climate Change poses a real threat to the survival of the humanity, but even you can be a captain planet. Just make sure you prioritize reuse and choose sustainable products in your shopping cart.

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