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iPad as a Menu: Something to Chew on

iPad as a Menu: Something to Chew on

At Spring Sushi on Upper James Street in Hamilton, Ontario, paper menus have gone the way of the dinosaur. Instead of selecting meals from a tradition menu and relaying that information onto a server, the patrons are given iPads with the menu options loaded onto them.

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According to the owner, the reason for the iPads was sheer boredom, and that the use of iPads would be funny and entertaining.

iPads have been used in a variety of different ways for restaurants and cafes. The new hip thing for certain café’s is to not have a complete POS system, but rather just have an iPad that can be attached to a cash drawer to ring though a variety of products. Hipsters be warned, this seems to be happening more often than not.

Although the uniqueness of iPad menus haven’t been used as often as the replacement for a POS system, one can definitely see a switch from the old and into the new with an upgrade in technology.

Let’s just hope no one spills soy sauce on those iPads, it’d be an expensive mistake.

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