Intuit Will No Longer Support Quicken 2002

Quicken 2002

Financial and Tax software maker Intuit will stop supporting older versions of the ever-popular Quicken software.

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In a blog post, Intuit says they have decided that any piece of Quicken software older than 2002 and 2001 will no longer have any support from the company.

Sunsetting older versions of Quicken allows us to focus resources on enhancing our products and providing support for more current versions.

It sounds then, like users will have no choice but to pay more to upgrade to get features like online bill payments and downloading bank statements.  It’s a move thats raising eyebrows amongst consumers who have already purchased the software, with Intuit looking like they are trying to force users to pay more money.

Also, when did ‘sunset’ become a verb?

Retirement of Online Services for older versions of Quicken [via]

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