Thrillist Infographic about Caffeine in CoffeeThrillist Infographic about Caffeine in Coffee
Thrillist Infographic about Caffeine in Coffee

I love my coffee.  It’s my drink of choice, morning savior, lifeblood.  It’s a passion, a hobby; it’s also my blood type.  Some coffee is good, some coffee is totally garbage, there’s a ton of different ways to make it, roast it, brew it, and drink it, but I’ve never asked:

how much caffeine am I drinking?

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Thrillist slapped together this swell graphic based on information from the Center for Science in Public Interest as well as

The measurements are based on milligrams of caffeine per fluid oz (fl oz).

Most coffee aficionados (read: snobs) would likely turned their well trained noses up at even drinking coffee from a place like Starbucks or *Gasp! * McDonalds.  However, for those who like a lot of coffee a lot of different ways, this infographic will likely give you some well-needed advice for a Monday morning.

[Thrillist via Gizmodo]

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