In Defence of Comic Sans: A History of The Most Hated Font


People hate comic sans. Hate it with a passion. Dave Combs is one of these comic sans haters, and like many graphic designers loathes the old fashion comic book style of typography. Vincent Connare invented comic sans almost 20 years ago. He calls his creation “the most hated and most loved font in the world.”

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“Comic Sans looks like someone threw up on the keyboard and that’s what came out,” David Combs, Graphic Designer

In 1993 Connare was a typographical engineer at Microsoft, when someone happened to ask him about a programs font.

“When I loaded the CD a little dog came up. He talked in a speech balloon like you would get in a newspaper cartoon strip, but it was in the system font Times New Roman…I thought ‘that’s silly. Dogs don’t talk like that.’ So I said it would look better if it looked like a comic book.”- Vincent Connare

Three days later, comic sans was finished. It ended up as a system font in the ubiquitous Windows 95 and soon everyone was using it.  Dave combs didn’t care for it then, and he hates it now. In fact him and his wife Holly have taken their hatred viral, with their website and petition of the same name “ban comic sans’

“Comic Sans is a blight on the landscape of typography,” – David Combs

But comic sans is beyond ubiquitous. As Connare points out, even the Vatican uses the font for its official photo albums.

“If you love it, you don’t know much about typography, and if you hate Comic Sans you don’t know very much about typography either, and you should probably get another hobby.

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