If This Then That Automates Your Online Services

If This Then That

If This Then That is a simple web app that keeps your RSS feeds, imaging websites, social networks and even to-do lists on the same page.

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The basics behind If This Then That is the idea of triggering any channel by using a different triggered channel.  It’s almost a real-world application of the coding principal behind ‘if this, then that’.  For example, you can set the service up for that when you favourite a tweet, that Tweet is saved to a note in Evernote.  You could set it up to save any photo you are tagged in on Facebook right into your iOS photos.  You could receive a text message when you have an event coming up in your calendar, or receive an actual phone call if it’s going to rain tomorrow.

There are currently only 35 different services and web apps being supported by IFTTT, and you can join and integrate and cross-link them in any way you want.  You can make any task on your own by simply clicking through the instructions, or use one of the over 500 already being shared on the site.

If This Then That is still in beta, but it’s free to sign up and try.

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