Hyperloop Might Be Real In A Year


A brand new company has been born.  It’s calling itself Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and it’s going to build small-scale Hyperloop transit in about a year.

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Despite the Hyperloop name, Elon Musk is not attached to the project.  Instead its being born from a crowd-sourcing group called JumpStartFund, which was born last month itself by Marco Villa, whose last project was SpaceX.

JumpStartFund has been acquainting itself with many interesting people in its short life, all of whom whose resumes suggest they want Hyperloop to be a real thing.  One partner called Ansys is a computer modeling and simulation firm.  They have been running Hyperloop feasibility studies since they heard about the concept.

They have gone on record as saying, thanks to crowd sourcing, that a scale model Hyperloop could be here by 2015.  While Musk’s concept had a Hyperloop running between San Francisco and LA, there has been a great deal of talk from many cities who also want to see the high-speed transit in action.

Turns out, Hyperloop could be here, sooner than anyone expected.

[Via PC Mag]

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