Facebook is one of the biggest social media networks in the world.  It was one of the first networks around and it certainly remains the wealthiest.  Beyond being a social network for talking and messaging, Facebook offers brand- and interest- based pages, giveaways, apps, and more.  You can link Facebook with Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Dropbox and everything in IFTTT.  You can use Facebook to sign into almost any other service and has basically become a passport for the Internet.  As a tech blog, we all have Facebook for personal and business and assume you do to.  If for some reason you still don’t, its easy to get.  Here’s How:

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Really, all you need to sign up for Facebook is a valid email.  When we say valid, we mean you’ll need to be able to login to your email that day, because Facebook will email you a registration confirmation link.

It should go without saying, but to get started head over to Facebook.com 

You will need to fill out a few things to sign up:

Facebook sign up

First and Last Name.

Facebook is based on real people and real identities.  Signing up with the name people know you by (or were born with) might be the easiest way to find your friends.  Signing up using a fake name, or an alias will make it hard for you to be found by other real people.  After you’ve signed up, you can add maiden names, nicknames, and more to your timeline.


You’ll need to use a valid email address here, something you use daily.  Facebook will ask you to enter it twice to make sure there are no typos and that you will get emails that Facebook sends you.


Like all passwords these days, 1234 and password are not good passwords.  Use a combination of letters and numbers, and its always a good idea to use different passwords for each website your join.


Enter your date of birth.  This used to be a bigger deal, but Facebook now allows almost anyone to use the network.  If you don’t feel like sharing your birthday (read: age) you can hide this information later.


Facebook uses your gender identity to send you messages about your network.  The options have become more numerous than when Facebook first started and you can pick almost anything you identify with.  You can hide gender on your timeline after you sign up.

When you click Sign Up, you’ve agreeing to Facebooks’ Statement of Rights and Responsibilities as well as the Privacy Policy.  Most websites have terms and policies around language and use, but because you’re sharing personal information, Facebook’s rules might be a bit more interesting of a read.  

After you fill out the obligatory information, click the big green Sign Up button and thats it. You’ve joined Facebook – and by proxy can now sign into tones of other super useful services around the Internet.

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