How To: Reset Your Mac’s PRAM


is your mac acting up?  Having bluetooth or airport problems?  Is your fan running non-stop and is your battery stuck at 50% and it wont charge?  Sounds like you have a hardware issue.  Time to Reset your PRAM.

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With a lot of problems, a simple reboot can fix big issues.  sometimes fixing permissions will get things back to normal.  However, this might need a more serious fix.

While resetting your PRAM is generally safe to do, as always, whether you’re resetting, rebooting, or just re-reading the contents of your precious mac, make sure you have a backup.  Just in case.

Before you begin, it’s always best, just in case, to disconnect any and all drives, speakers, displays, keyboards, USB anything and all accessories before you behind.  This way nothing can interfere with your reset.

Ever since the first Mac, we’ve dealt with Pram – Parameter Random Access Memory.  The PRam stores information such as: Alarm clock settings, speaker Volume, Double-Click time, Monitor depth, Startup Disks, Mouse Scaling, Ram Disk, Disk Cache, and others.

This is core stuff, and sometimes things can happen and files get corrupted, and boom, your computer is acting kinda wonky.  Every now and then it helps to reset the PRAM, but don’t do it on a whim.

Heres how to reset your PRAM:

  1. Shut down your computer.  Fully.
  2. Press the power button and press command-option-p-r.  Press these keys before the great gray screen comes up.
  3. Hold down these keys until the Mac reboots again, and you hear a startup sounds.
  4. Release the keys and step away from the Mac.


When you log back in, you may have to adjust your settings, as this will return all the core values back to their default settings.

If you are having issues that resetting the PRAM doesn’t fix, check out our guide to resetting the SMC for Macs.

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