We are complete suckers for coffee, and chocolate.  So it stands to reason that a Starbucks Frappuccino is our summer go to.  The problem is the cost: you might need a line of credit to get your daily dose of the stuff.  Fellow Frappuccino lovers The Kurths figured they could do better, and put together a recipe including vanilla coffee, cocoa and sugar.

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It tastes really good! Not exactly like a frap, but it’s our first batch, and it’s got its own personality. Now, the cost: A regular 4-pack of fraps at the grocery store costs $5, or $1.25/bottle. A single bottle at a gas station is around $1.79. Our total cost for all 5 bottles was $1.85. That’s $0.37/bottle. Unbelievable. It tastes even better when you know that!

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