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How to Give a Better PowerPoint Presentation

How to Give a Better PowerPoint Presentation

Professional Blogger Michael Hyatt has shared some tips on how to time yourself, and use notes to give a better presentation on PowerPoint:  it’s called “Presenter View”

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Instead of making a mess with paper cue cards in hand and using a stopwatch, you can display your notes, see upcoming slides and keep track of your timing on your computer screen, hidden from audience view – all while projecting your presentation.
It’s something of a small hack, and it will require your computer’s video card support extended desktops.
  1. Once you are connected to a projector, right-click on the desktop and choose properties.  Under settings, click the second monitor and check the ‘Extend my Windows Desktop onto this monitor’.
  2. Launch PowerPoint, selected “SlideShow | Set Up Show.” Under “Multiple Monitors,” select “Display slide show on Monitor 2” and check “Show Presenter View.”
  3. Now just make a killer presentation, in exactly the right time, looking like you don’t even need those notes.

PowerPoint’s Presenter View [Working Smart]

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