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If you’ve updated your iOS device to version 6.0 or higher, you might have noticed you’ll have access to a new ‘Tap to Post’ button in the new Notification Centre.  This button lets you post a new update to Facebook.  Here’s how to set it up:
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Here’s how to set up Facebook Login Integration for iOS


  1.  Tap the Settings app
  2. Scroll down to the Facebook app settings and tap it.
  3. Enter in your Facebook username and password
  4. Tap ‘Sign In’
  5. Approve the message that comes up – or don’t.  Tap ‘Sign in’ again in the top right corner
  6. Authorize your device to connect with Facebook.  You only need to authorize them once per account, so if you unlink your account and need to re-link it, they shouldnt come up again.


  7. Optional: Update your contacts.  Hit ‘Update All Contacts’ to merge your Facebook contacts with your iPhone contacts.  This can take some time to update, but it’s worth it.

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