Part of why we all love If This Then That (IFTTT) is because of how much it can do, and how much of the Internet is supports.  Many bloggers and Social Media experts have taken advantage of what IFTTT is capable of, using the service to plug into an trigger completely different services to their advantage.  A large part of making IFTTT play nice is connecting the service to your back-end software, and sometimes it can be tough to navigate.  Here’s how to connect your WordPress-powered blog or website to IFTTT.

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Step 1.  Log into IFTTT

Head over to and login with your credentials.  If you haven’t signed up for IFTTT, check out our complete guide to IFTTT here.

IF this then that

Step 2. Search for the WordPress App

Click the search button on the top left and search for WordPress.


Step 3: Click Connect


Step 4: Authorize


There is a lot of information here you’ll need to pull from your WordPress backend.  Fill in the URL of your website as it appears in your browsers.  Then use your username (you’ll have to be administrator to authorize any new app on WordPress) and password to essentially log-in via IFTTT.

Step 5. Build

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see the main page for WordPress Recipes.  Some will need additional information to add more channels (such as Facebook ID,Twitter handle etc), but at this point you can make WordPress trigger almost anything.  Happy Building!

If you have a favourite recipe you use for WordPress, share it with us in the comments below:

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