Hotmail Officially becomes Outlook


Hotmail has long been a staple of the internet, but man, has it grown long in the tooth.  After years as a joke, and being mocked alongside superior inboxes like Gmail, Hotmail finally pulled off a huge redesign – and it might be enough to make you switch back.  It was has become Microsoft’s MO lately, hotmail has become paired over fully in the Metro UI.  Much like the company has done with windows, Office and now Hotmail, the product is modern, vibrant, and works and plays well with everything else.  Finally.

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Hotmail, now Outlook, was looking like it wasn’t even capable of a redesign. While the Metro UI look has yet to curry favour with some writers – ahem me, but I’m trying  – many people are already clamouring at the amount of work that has gone into the redesign

It looks slimmer, more modern, and you can move from a vertical stack inbox to opening a reading pane quick.

It also offers quick views, letting you see only emails with images, documents or even just Amazon orders.    You can create your own smart quick views but there are tons that come baked-in.

You can get newsletters and Social media notices and Outlook lets you do a lot, like look at Facebook updates or Tweet without leaving your mail.  You can even Skype from inside the service.  It still comes off as slow, sluggish, and, sorry to say it, kind of ugly.  Its got Metro written all over it, and like Metro or not, you better believe we’re gonna see more of this from Microsoft. is up and running now, and if you have Hotmail, your account will be witched over shortly, if it hasn’t already

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