HomeBridge Updates to Version 4.17.1 on HOOBS


HomeBridge is a popular lightweight node.js server that can run on any network and emulate the Apple HomeKit API, letting it add its own functionality and expanding Apple’s HomeKit grasp.  Using HomeBridge, smart home enthusiasts have been able to leapfrog Apple’s closed-wall ecosystem and add in nearly any un-supported smart home devices to HomeKit.  An update to 4.17.1 provides some new bugs fixes and changes.

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The update to HomeBridge Config UI X brings the OS for HomeBridge up to 4.17.1.

Bug fixes include unlocking the accessory layout when adding a new room, and in the event HomeBridge does not update, the error will now be displayed on screen.

The update also includes translations for Traditional Chinese and Spanish, as well as an issue preventing plugins from being installed on HomeBridge running on Docker.  There’s also added support for configuring the new Keep Orphan flag, as introduced in version 4.16.0

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