Hasselblad’s New Mirrorless Camera Hides a Medium Format Sensor


Full Frame.  APS-C.  Micro Four/Thirds.  Medium Format Sensor.  Thats all packed into the new Hasselblad X1D, the world’s first and only mirrorless built with a medium format sensor inside.

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The Hasselblad X1D: A first of its kind.

Taking a cue from the previous generation of post-point-and-shoot camera, the leaked images of the forthcoming X1D suggest a boxy-design that evokes more of a Kodak than a DSLR.  The X1D is not really meant to shoot video – it’s design is meant to let huge amounts of resolution hit the large sensor, getting the highest quality possible in a mirrorless design.

The Pros: no 12o film, no carrying a H6D to a shoot, and no digital backs to add onto medium format film camera.  The sensor is also rumoured to be of the CCD variety; that means lower usable ISO in low light scenarios, as well as uptick in color, contrast and clarity.

The leaked images also give us insight into the lenses that could be offered at launch: two prime lenses in 45mm and 90mm lengths, with apertures of f/3.5 and f/3.2.


The X1D is listed at a pre-order price of $8,995 USD, while the lenses are slated to hit the market at $2,295 USD and $2,695 USD. Hasselblad’s official announcement is set for June 22.


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