A Los Angeles professor and his research team have begun developing a pill that oxidizes and removes alcohol from the body.

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The pill is effectively a quick hangover cure in a convenient form-factor, but don’t start pounding back those pints quite yet. Thus far the concoction has only been tested on mice via injection, and not in capsule form.

The effect of the pill in the lab mice increased over time, decreasing the blood-alcohol level more and more. It capped out at around 35% less blood-alcohol content after 3 hours.

The pill works much the same way your liver does to combat the effects of alcohol, working with naturally occurring enzymes in your body. Further research could take this to the next level by not just curing a hangover, but sobering up someone who has consumed alcohol to the point of intoxication.

It may be some time before this is ready for public consumption, but there’s no denying that there would be quite the market for it.

Would you buy a pack of anti-hangover pills? How much would you be willing to pay or such a product? Sound off in the comments below.

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