Halo Back Screen Protector Gives iPhones a Back Button


One major complaint that has often been heard is that iPhones only have one button, known as the ‘Home Button’.  This button does exactly what you’d expect, brings you back to the main screen of the iPhone, or the ‘home’ screen.  The reason this has been a complaint is that while using certain apps you may run into there being no built-in ‘back’ button.  Screen protector Halo Back gives iPhones an automatic back button on the bottom left hand corner of the device,

this can even be used when a back button has been programmed into the app.

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The video for Halo Back shows the classic infomercial technique of an individual struggling with their app, and even at one point dropping their phone, then proceeds to display the ease of use when using the Halo Back, the individual no longer struggles, and is able to navigate forwards and backwards in the app seamlessly.  Although it’s standard to display the over exaggerated difficulty without the product, it is not nearly as difficult to go backwards within an app as they make it out to be. It is also very common for people to use their phones with 2 hands instead of just one, which would give them access to the top left hand side easily.

Halo Back protects the Screen and Adds a Back Button to your iPhone

Halo Back

Halo Back is currently a Kickstarter project with a goal of $20,000 and to date has raised almost $75,000, with 18 days still to go.

At the low price of only $17 (and 2 separate early bird specials) it is understandable why it is so popular.  It costs a minimum of $19 to buy a screen protector, without a back button, from the Apple store.  There seems to be a lot of hope for this project, but as it is a Kickstarter project there are always inherent risks that the quality is not as high as depicted in the video, it is up to you to decide if it’s worth the risk.

[Via Kickstarter]

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