Hack allows access from iOS Lock Screen

ios lock hack
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That awkward moment when you think your phone is virtually unhackable, and someone takes that phone and gains access to it with ease. Yes my friends, the time has come when you need to watch your iPhones and iPads closely.

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I miss Steve Jobs’ Apple.

A YouTube video showing users how to “bypass iPhone 5 passcode” on the Apple’s latest iOS releases has been published. And as much as I would love to share how the hack is done, I think that I shall just say that it has something to do with nearly turning off the phone but still accessing the emergency call function will take you directly to the contacts list. This direct access to contacts list will give the hacker the ability to go through any part of the phone.

“videosdebarraquito” posted on YouTube that the hack was for pranking your friends, for a magic show… but not to do evil things.

A software update will be required to fix the issue, and Apple is on it! Obviously the company takes security very seriously. The hack even works on the more complex passcodes option.

The best way to currently deal with this hack is to keep an eye on your phone.

Otherwise, you kind of need to just wait until software update comes out.

[via YouTube]

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