Google has just announced that its Android devices and its unconventionally shaped emoji set will receive a redesign. The blob-like DOTS gumdrop-shaped emojis will finally get remade to look more appealing and life-like.

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According to the Mountain View-based tech giant, the main reason for the redesign was miscommunication with users — not knowing what some of the emojis meant, sending the wrong one, etc.

“We’re doing a full redesign of the emoji set. We took a look at many things, but mostly the thing that’s most striking is, perhaps, that yes, the candy dots or blobs, are now substituted with a set of squishy circles — for a lot of good reasons,”

Android product manager Gus Fonts.

Fast Company reports that the full rollout will occur with Android O later this year and has been the culmination of over 18 months of internal work for Google.

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