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2013, the year that was. The following video by Google summaries the year 2013 is a short and yet a very powerful way. Here is our analysis of the Google Zeitgeist video which has over 16 million hits so far.

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The video starts with “2013 the world searched for” . This line in itself is very powerful as Google has taken the liberty of calling the Google search, a gateway into people’s minds.

We couldn’t agree more.

The first clip to be seen is that of the royal baby, symbolizing new beginnings, continues into the new frontiers of space travel. The video then moves on to “ok google” search on Android, which we believe will be a game changer once KitKat rolls on into 2014.

Highlighted in the next part, are the major events of 2k13. Protests at Syria, followed by an inspirational quote by Malala Yousafzai. “We realize the importance of light when we see darkness”.

The next section is a tribute to  the important people, who passed away in 2013. Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker , Margaret Thatcher to name a few.

The final part of the video is a collection of inspirational clips from different walks of life ranging from science and technology to arts and entertainment. This is where the video takes it away.

Once again Google nails the spot with a beautiful and inspirational video that pretty much sums up 2013.

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