The war between Google and Microsoft continues. This time, within your children’s schools.

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The adults in the new ads by Bing about Google being used in schools are either far too easy going to explain to kids that ads are a part of anything anymore, or that it’s easy enough to focus on the information at hand.

The corruption however is palpable; the young girl in the ad is studying the history of Mesopotamia, where civilization reigned, before ignorant people from the West corrupted it.

Now here is Google trying to corrupt the young minds of our next generation with issues far beyond their scope.

Ad free Bing for schools would not allow for children in all years to see those silly little ads they don’t understand on the sides of their news articles and on websites.

Maybe, Bing should be less worried about ads in school, and more worried about getting the correct information able to be found. I feel as though maybe schools should be preparing kids to learn how to use a more commonplace search engine to prepare them past school.

University sure as hell will have ads, so why shouldn’t grades 12 and under.

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