Google updates AdSense Plugin to 1.2.1

Google Adsense 1.2.1

The Google AdSense Plugin for WordPress creates and displays ads on your WordPress-powered website.  It allows users to customize ads, picking from Text, Image, or both, down to choosing the size, colour, and position.  It makes ads unique, and useful and to top it all off, they’re just updated their plugin.

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While the app was solid from the get-go, the Google plugin team decided it was time for a few updates to the popular ad-inserting service.

The plugin, previously known as the Google Publisher Plugin, let WordPress publishers easily add Adsense to their sites to make money from their advertising, using a simple one-click system to add Ad units.  The plugin also let user manage ads quickly and easily, letting users determine where they wanted to place Units and letting them exclude certain pages.

Google Adsense 1.2.1

Version 1.2.1 was dropped and picks up where 1.2.0 left off.  Updates to the plugin fixed an issue that tended to black AdSense Plugin settings after a read failure, and improved an issue that was occurring with caching plugins, and the team adds a new activation success notification.

You can update the plugin from your WordPress dashboard by going to

Plugins >> Google Adsense >> Update Now

or by grabbing the update here

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