Google Translate Comes to Android Smartwatches

google-translate for android wear
Google added Google Translate to the latest update to the Android Wear smartwatch operating system. Now you can use your watch to talk to people even if you don’t know the same language.

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To translate a message for a friend, simply speak into your watch. Flip your wrist up, and there will be text of what you said, but translated into a different language. Then, when they respond to you, you can flip your wrist back and read what they said in plain english

Google’s new personal translator feature works with 44 languages, and doesn’t require you to have the Google Translate app on your phone.

Not only will this be great for tourists, but Google’s translate algorithms will likely improve with more data. So while the accuracy is acceptable today — Google Translate is usually fine — if this catches on, it could get even better in the future.

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