Google Street view has many real-world applications, and many more hilarious streetviewing opportunities. New images from Japan tell a very different story. Nami-Machi, a small city in Fukushima has a new series of Google Streetview showing the damage caused by the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear catastrophe 2 years ago.

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As local communities struggle to get things back to where they used to be before the quake, many people still work full time, continuing the clean up effort. Due to a lot of the radiation from the Fukushima Power Plant meltdown, many cities have become ghost towns: Nami-Machi is no exception.


On the Google Japan Blog, the city’s mayor Tamotsu Baba wrote about the images.

…”In Namie-machi time stands still. With the lingering nuclear hazard, we have only been able to do cursory work for two whole years. We would greatly appreciate it if you viewed this Street View imagery to understand the current state of Namie-machi and the tremendous gravity of the situation. Those of us in the older generation feel that we received this town from our forebearers, and we feel great pain that we cannot pass it down to our children.”…

its amazing to see how how quickly a little earth tremor can alter an advanced, nuclear powered civilization, and completely destroy the landscape. Alternatively, its amazing to see technologies, like Google Streetview, used to take the global consciousness and put it in an area many would never be able to see. It a slightly macabre sense, it does bring us together.

Check out the Street View images on Google’s Memorial site “Memories for the future”.

[via “Mirai e no kioku“]

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