Google Glass Patent Reveals Pay-Per-Look.


There have been a lot of jokes, legalese, and general contempt about Google Glass.  There was even a video, suggesting Google would make you pay to see things.  Well, apparently that joke might not be far from the truth.  A new patent suggests Google wants your eyeballs to make them some money.

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The patent in question refers to a ‘gaze tracking system’ and outlines a way of translating the images seen by the Glass wearer into data, to be logged on a server.  While it comes off as a simple way to identify things – to target ads, target specials, etc etc – the description offers a little more of a commercial application.

The method would help in:

“…determining which, if any, of the identified items within the external scenes viewed by the user are advertisements; and charging advertisers for analytical information generated based upon the gazing direction information…”

The patent goes on to describe methods for collecting and aggregating data from multiple users to provide insight and analytics to be handed over to advertisers.  The patent says the system would be:

…”combining the gazing direction information acquired from the user wearing the head mounted device with other gazing direction information acquired from other users wearing other head mounted devices to generate batched information; and charging advertisers for the analytical information generated based upon the batched information.”…

Will Google Glass Target Ads?

So, this isn’t truly unforeseen. It’s a natural step for a company to try and make money, and Google has long made money from ads.  While Glass isn’t explicitly mentioned in the filing, the word ‘eyeglasses’ are used multiple times.  This patent also suggest Google has true plans to turn glass into a mainstream device.

You can check out the patent filing here

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